Natural Deer Antler Soft Chews
Natural Deer Antler Soft Chews
Natural Deer Antler Soft Chews
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Natural Deer Antler Soft Chews

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Soft chews are made by cutting an antler lengthways to split the antler in half and expose the nutritious bone marrow in the center. Dogs go crazy for the tasty, soft marrow. Plus it's easier for dogs to chew and gentler on their jaw, teeth and gums.

Harvested from the pristine mountains of the Austrian Alps, deer antlers offer any dog long lasting, chewing fun and will not leave a mess. 

All of our chews are 100% natural, with no additives, preservatives or chemicals and are made from naturally shed Grade A Red Deer antlers.

Each antler is selected based on size and durability. They are washed clean before being hand cut to the appropriate size. We smooth out any rough corners or edges and then sand the ends. Finally, the antlers are baked at 450 F for 8 minutes to ensure that all bacteria have been eliminated.

Ingredients: 100% Natural Grade A Red Deer Antlers

Key Benefits:

  • Natural source of minerals and nutrients like calcium, phosphorus and magnesium
  • Free from chemicals, bleaches and other treatments
  • Helps satisfy dog’s chewing tendencies
  • Straight cut into a bar shape to prevent the splintering and breaking that occurs at joints
  • Long-lasting and free from odor
  • Sustainably sourced from naturally shed antlers, no animals are harmed in the process

Large soft chews weigh between 4.2 oz and 5.6 oz; and are approximately 6 inches in length. This size is appropriate for medium and large breeds.

Medium soft chews weigh between 2.8 oz and 4.2 oz; and are approximately 5.5 inches length. This size is appropriate for small and medium breeds.  

Please note that like all dog chews, antlers should be consumed under supervision. Make sure you buy a size large enough to allow your animal to chew confidently and to prevent them from swallowing a piece. 

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