Our Story

We have been pet owners and lovers for over forty years. What started as a hobby eventually grew into a business. Training and showing German Shepherds led us to become a top-ten breeder; nurturing and caring for puppies made us want to create a home to watch over other people’s pets, so we opened a dog and cat boarding facility. In all those years we have been asked by friends and customers to give our advice on the what products to buy and how to take care of our furry family members, and so we created this site.

Our Mission

Our pets are part of our families, they deserve the best too, but properly caring for them doesn’t have to cost a fortune and it shouldn’t be so confusing.

We believe that less processing and less additives means less junk for your pet. So, when providing dog and cat treats, we try to stick with those that are as natural as possible. Similarly, for other products, we stay away from needless chemicals and dyes and when sourcing ingredients we focus on quality instead of just settling for the cheapest option. We’re happy to pay a little more (not too much!) if we know the quality is right and the product is dependable.

With this website, we hope to share our experience and have curated a set of products that actually work. Products that we use and recommend to the hundreds of owners who have trusted us with their pets over the years.